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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Limpa Bread

J was so kind to share this recipe with me she learnt at a breadmaking class.(sorrie folks, I won't be able to share this recipe...) Initially when I got the recipe, I was apprehensive as it's main ingredient was rye flour. It was a flour that I had never touched in my years of baking. Furthermore, it looked really rustic and that to me meant dense and hard bread, although flavoursome, was not a texture that is preferred/accepted by the family. But after taking a bite, I casted all the "what ifs" aside.... I was SOLD.
This bread is swedish in origin. And the many different herbs added to it created a really nice flavour. Furthermore, it used the sponge and dough method. However, I was cautioned that it'll be a very sticky dough... but I still went ahead and tried after getting a pack of rye flour. (now that I've to figure out what to do with the remaining rye flour! LOL) True enough, the dough was really sticky and it took me a while to be able to be able to shape it decently.

After baking, I really felt a sense of accomplishment. The appearance of the bread is really fantastic... but I got all kinds of questions like "why did u put icing sugar on the bread?" "What's that white flour that's coating the bread?" " Eeeeee.... it looked really hard and dense... are u sure it's nice?"... I had to ask everyone who had any doubts to touch the loaf... it's soft! Not as hard as it looked like.
So I cut the loaf and then toasted it lightly before spreading butter, jams and marmalade on it... HEAVENLY.... and I got the thumbs up from the kids too!



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