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Friday, August 29, 2008

Teacher's Day Cuppies

Teacher's day is round the corner again. This year, the day actually falls on a Sunday, so schools will be celebrating it today. Furthermore, for primary/secondary schools, tommorow marks the start of the 1-week Sept school holidays.

I decided to prepare cuppies for this year. DD requested for it when she saw a cupcake recipe book that Elyn lent me. She was so "inspired" by it that she even told me what were the favourites colours of her teachers. I kinda agreed to make fondant flowers according to that fav colour list... but in the end, I only used pink fondant for the flowers. :P

As one of her teachers is a vegetarian, I decided to use a cake recipe that is eggless and contains vegetable oil instead of butter. However, I had an oversight. I added butter into the chocolate while making the ganache! ARGH....*smacks head* So I told DD to alert her teacher abt it. Hopefully she remembers to highlight that when she passes her the cuppies.

I had intended to use white chocolate ganche for the cuppies but i had so much problem trying to get it to melt and then it even seized! Thankfully I still had a bar of dark chocolate in my pantry that I can use in an emergency.... but if only it was white chocolate... the cuppies will look much prettier and sweeter! *grumbles*All packed and ready to go! :P
Hope the teachers will love these.... to all teachers out there.....



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