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Monday, September 01, 2008

Foccacia too!

Over the weekends, I blog-hopped and came upon Ching's site. Her new post was about a foccacia she made... what a coincidence since i also made foccacia (but too lazy to post abt it. :P)

Actually her foccacia looked so similar to mine, just that I shaped mine in little discs, unlike her oblong-shaped one. I omitted oregano ('coz i dun really stock this) and added chopped olives to the dough instead. Mixed the rosemary, italian herbs with olive oil and some mashed canned tomatoes and then brushed generously on the tops before sending them to the oven. After the foccacia were baked, I brushed on another layer of olive oil.
Also, I did not pair the foccacia with curry, but ate it a little toasted. No complaints... it tasted heavenly. :)



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