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Friday, September 05, 2008

French Walnut Bread

This is a super duper yummy loaf. 'Coz I added some stir-fried onions to the dough, resulting in a very fragrant bread. The crust you see is actually chopped oats. After baking, it became really crunchy. It's a crusty kind of bread, which is good to eat just on it's own, or with some cheese... and some say, with good wine too! :P
For those who wants to give it a try, just use a wholemeal bread recipe, add in some walnuts and stir-fried onion, shape it into rounds, and then before the 2nd proofing, dip the top in water, and then coat it with chopped oats. Let it rise the 2nd time and then bake. I assure u of a very nice bread! LOL...



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