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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Food review 2008 #9 : Fook Hoi Curry Chicken Noodles

I was lemming for a bowl of nice hot curry noodles for many days. I remembered trying a stall along Upper Cross Street many moons ago. The stall, sadly had moved away, as the shop it was in was sold off. I did not managed to find out where it moved to. I was even willing to settle for a bowl of laksa instead! But still even laksa eluded me on my hunt! *sob sob*

On a leisurely Sunday morning, we were driving around town, looking for a place for b'fast when we came to the bugis temporary food centre. Decided to stop by there for b'fast when we saw crowds. where there's crowds, there shd be food!

Was happily browsing thru' the myraid of stalls there and finally spotted a curry chicken noodle stall rite at the corner! BINGO! It definately called out to me! LOL...

The stall seemed to be a very popular one. There are many photos of celebrities on the signboard too. So I went ahead and ordered a bowl with thick rice noodles....

The noodles ROCK! The broth was thick and creamy. And I could taste the chicken broth in it. The noodles was cooked just rite and there were many pieces of chicken meat in it. Also the stall owner was rather generous with the bean sprouts, which I love.

Having tasted this curry noodles.. i'm sure to tell u that i'll be back for more!



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