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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Travel to Bangkok... Sights and Scenes in Chinatown

Sharing with you more pics I took during my visit to Bangkok Chinatown.
Along the streets... vendors peddling their stuff.
This is a coffin shop! Most are still going for burial after death, as you can see from the coffins they sell here. Who's that man in the middle of the pic? Frankly I did not even notice him staring at me! I was so focused on getting a shot of the coffin shop! LOL.

And this shop sells stuff that Chinese would need for weddings... and the surprise was that it's directly opposite the coffin shop! You can see that the Chinese there are still very traditional. They still buy these Chinese embroidery pillow cases.
As we wandered into one of the many lanes within Chinatown. Shops packed with people jostling for their buys.
On the right side of this image, those are preserved radish. They are the sweet type, which is really delicious. These are not available in Singapore, so it's another must-buy on trips to Bangkok. If you notice, there is a yellow flag in the middle of the image. It was the 1st day of a Chinese lunar month when we visited. Most of the shops sported these flags, as it's a day where most Chinese would go vegetarian. In fact, if you look carefully here, the items in this pic are all vegetarian food.



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