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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Baileys cheesecake....

Me bro came home one evening with a bottle of Baileys cream, with about 30% left. He passed it to me saying I can do wadever i wanna do with it... hm.... i'm only a social drinker... and in fact, hadn't touched alcohol for ages! (that only goes to show how my social life has been! hahaha)... anyway, back to the cheesecake....So looking thru' tons of recipes available on the net and forums, I came across a baileys cheesecake recipe. Well, it seems easy enuf for me to take on....

Everything went well enuf till it's left in the oven to cool down after baked. Was told that it's best to leave it in the oven till the oven cools down completely.... so 1 question popped into my mind... i tot it's only logical to leave the door ajar while cooling down... but i dunno if tat's the reason that caused a HUGE crack in the middle of the cake!!!! argh... there goes my perfect-looking cheesecake! so wad i did next was to loosen the sides of the cake, hoping that the crack will somehow "heal up" on it's own... i'm sad to report that.... it hadn't. so now i'm left with a cake with a huge crack... ok nehmine, since it was oredi like 10pm at nite (and i needed my beauty sleep). i decided to take it out and put in the fridge... so i took the cake out and it was still warm... i placed a clingwrap on the top, as i dun wan a harden cake surface the next day... who knows! my butter fingers decided to show it's powers. the clingwrap slipped from my fingers and fell rite onto the surface of the still-warm, wobbly cake surface!! argh x2! so now i have a crack on my cake and a severely de-faced cake too! SHITE... anyway, i proceeded with the wrap and went to bed.

8 hours later... i decided to be indulgent and have a slice of the cake for b'fast... also to take some pics and taste for myself how alcoholic it is.... due to the warm cake and clingwrap, water droplets had formed on the clingwrap... as much as i tried to be GENTLE in removing the wrap, water droplets had fallen onto the cake... sigh.... BUT it does taste good! and i'm not consoling myself here... the cake DOES taste good. and for that, i'll like to thank Stefanie for posting this recipe in IK. Thanks stef!

It's been somewad of an "adventure" baking this cake.... but it's a good lesson learnt! I did reduce the amt of sugar used... but it's juz a tiny lil' bit... i guess it's not a critical issue on the success of this cake.



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