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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Another quickie b'fast

I'm a sucker for quickie b'fast, if you still do not know it. I'm always on a look-out for simple and ez to prepare b'fast for my 2 kiddos. Doesn't help that they need to be reminded at least a dozen times every morning to finish their cup of milk asap so that we can leave the house on time (in between washing up!).

Anyway, I spotted this egg-in-toast method in a local mommy's forum and was sold on how fast and ez a b'fast can be ready. I'm definitely game to try! One more plus is that it's so pretty to look at too! LOL...

Here's how to make one of these...

First, you use yr cookie cutter to cut out the shape on 1 slice of bread. Do not discard that piece of cut-out. It can be toasted and eaten too. Next, place a 2nd piece of sliced bread onto yr baking tray. Then, divide a slice of processed cheese into 4 equal pieces and line them at the 4 sides of the bread, as close to the edges as possible, this acts as a "seal" for the 2 slices of bread. When the cheese are laid, place the slice of bread (with the cut-out hole) on the top. Align it nicely with the bottom piece. Finally, break an egg onto the cut-out area and send it to the oven! It's that simple. The original recipe called for a tiny piece of butter onto the uncooked egg but I left that out. Besides the butter, you can also sprinkle some pepper onto the egg. Bake it in the oven for ard 15-20mins... when you can see that the bread turns brown and the egg cooks..... b'fast is served!



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