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Friday, June 26, 2009

2009 food review #3 - The Line, Shangri-la

Took a day off work yesterday to celebrate Mom's b'day. I booked a table at The Line, located at Shangri-la Hotel. They are having a Birthday promotion now, where you get a discount off the bill depending on your age... for example, Mom's 66 this year, so we got a whopping 66% discount off the bill! It's quite incredible, isn't it? But the catch here is that you have to call exactly 1 month in advance (in my case, 25th May) to try getting a reservation. Each reservation is limited to 8 pax, so the 9th person in your group will have to pay full fare. Thankfully, we went in a group of 8... so no extra charges incurred! :P

Anyway, it was a beautiful day to start with and we reached the resturant just slightly after 12noon. It's buffet style and my 1st visit to the restuarant. The buffet line is really huge! The variety offered is rather overwhelming. I spent a good 15 mins just walking around trying to decide on where to start...
Finally decided that I should "attack" one table at a time. LOLz. I started off with seafood... sashimi and the boiled crabs, prawns, mussles and a must-eat, the oysters... everything was so fresh and succulent! Really relish every bite.
The sushi bar.... yes, those are slabs of salmon, tuna and squid... yum!

Maybe I shd let the pictures do the talking.... BUT I did not capture every dish/line available. The restuarant was enjoying a full house and of course that meant each line had guests q-ing up for food. So I thought I better not be in the way too much. Furthermore, I had my growling stomach to settle too!Roast beef....Couscous, risotto and ravioliOne of my favourites... Laksa. The broth is really thick!Part of the Indian food line....*grin* chocolate fountain! But sadly they only have mashmallow and cakelets for dipping.Selection of bread....Ice cream counter... the mango sherbet is so full of goodness! and chocolate ice-cream is really creamy and not-too sweet. We get to choose from a wide variety of toppings too!AHHHHH... DESSERT.... love love love... need I say more? LOLz...Dessert line again... can you spot those macarons?Fruits... strangely limited selection of fruits available. And the shelf above? those are nonya kuehs.

Frankly, I only sampled 50% of the dishes available, and was stuffed to the brim! There are also a dimsum bar, salad bar and many other dishes that I did not get to try, and the pictures are missing in this post too.
I'll go for this buffet again if the promotion is a long-term affair(let's see who's b'day is coming up next!). Currently, the price for per adult is $44++ and per child is $23++. ++ means additional of 17% (service tax and GST).



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