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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I *heart* chiffon cakes

When I heard Elyn was getting those heart-shaped chiffon tins we often see in japanese websites, I just had to have one too! Thankfully she did help me get one and we discussed abt what kind of chiffon to bake using it. She did hers.... and here's mine, the chocolate version. :)

Elyn also passed me a gift, that goes along with the tin... a special spatula for removing chiffon cakes from tin... how considerate, especially when the price of the tin is not cheap for a cake tin. However, being the first time I'm using this spatula and Elyn's constant reminder that I have to be GENTLE, so that the tin is not scratched.... the cake when removed had jagged edges all round! (laughs)... but well, I'll improve.

I love how tall the cake is! and it's so airy and yummy too. Half the cake is now gone (into our tummies), since it was baked last nite. *yes, i just couldn't wait. Got the tin from her last evening on my way home and the cake was baked by 8.30pm... how's that for efficiency?? LOLz*

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