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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Been tagged by Ganache-Ganache for a meme...7 facts about myself.... hmmm :P

ok... here goes...

1. I'm left-hander. my parents tried getting me to write or use my right hand more when they discovered that i'm left-handed... but well, guess it din work for them. LOL... and I believe left-handers are a pretty smart lot!

2. I only started decorating cakes after my son was borned. I started off baking loafs and cookies... using a very small oven which more often than not,burnt my bakes! Dear son was borned on Christmas Day, so since his 1st b'day we've been celebrating his b'days for him... and it's so hard to order/buy b'day cakes during the Christmas season that I decided to bake a b'day cake for him. And i've been hooked since. :)

3. I consider myself adventurous when it comes to food. I like to try all kinds of cuisine when overseas...

4. I used to be a coca cola fan. I must have a can of coca cola everyday when I was in teens... of course back then I never seemed to put on weight... definately not something I should try doing now at my age! But I do enjoy drinking coke once a while now.

5. I'm pretty bad-tempered and impatient. (LOL)... but I can say that i've mellowed down alot in the recent years... guess it gotta do with AGE!

6. I cannot stand noise... especially early in the morning... and my kids can attest to this! If there's commotion or fights early in the morning, they do get it from me. and it spoils my whole day.

7. I am never someone who's good with words or make friends easily. Maybe 'coz I don't warm up easily or just that I'm not the chatty type of person. Some remarked that I look fierce while some say that I'm always so cool (wahahahahaha)... but in actual fact, I'm neither. I'm just not too comfortable making the 1st move...

*phew* finally done. OK i'm supposed to pass this tag onto another 7 bloggers... but I guess I'll stop here. Anyone who wish to try this tag can go ahead and post... just link me back, k?



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