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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Triple Almond Tart

Looking back at my posts, I realised that it's been a while since I last baked a pie.
When I saw this pie at HBB's, I can't help but wonder if I should attempt it anytime soon. Not because it's difficult but just 'coz I'm lazy and my to-do list kept getting longer and longer. However, while thinking of what I should bake this weekends, I decided I should bake a pie. Looked into my pile of recipes and there it is, waving at me. LOLz.

I followed the recipe to the dot, but only to realise that I had to prepare 1.5 times the recipe 'coz my pie mold is bigger than 18cm. (when I finished making the pie dough and rolled it out to fit the mold, it was not enough to cover). I had never bothered to measure my pie mold. So I did up additional 1/2 of the crust recipe and thankfully it was just nice. Did the same for the fillings of the pie.

The time taken to finish baking the pie was longer than I expected. There was chilling of the dough before laying it on the mold, in case it was too soft to handle (which I skipped) and also chilling the pie dough after it was molded (that's another 20 mins) and I had to wait for the crust to cool down before filling it up and baking it, which was easily another 30-45mins of waiting time.

However, I was rewarded with a very handsome pie! The baked pie looked so gorgeous!

Hmm... while this pie is really great-tasting, I'll probably will attempt it again when I've lotsa time on my hands.



  • What a gorgeous looking pie. I think I might need to make a pie now, too! Great pictures!

    By Blogger Elyse, at 11:07 AM, April 06, 2009  

  • The pie look lovely, it encourage me to give it a try too! Almond is my favourite!

    By Anonymous Elyn, at 11:10 AM, April 06, 2009  

  • Thanks Elyse!

    Elyn, go make one now! This pie is definately for an almond fan.

    By Blogger Baking Fiend, at 12:23 PM, April 06, 2009  

  • That's just lovely! I'd like to think how the perfume filled your kitchen during baking. By any chance the pie taste like those at Delifrance?

    By Blogger Rei, at 5:18 PM, April 06, 2009  

  • Hi Rei,

    I've not tried delifrance's almond tarts (come to think of it, it's been years since i last stepped into delifrance!), but since this tart has almonds in the crust, filling and topping... nothing can beat this. LOL

    By Blogger Baking Fiend, at 8:55 AM, April 07, 2009  

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