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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cherilynn is 8!

I guess I better post this before March is over! LOLz.

Cherilynn turned 8 last week and we had a po-piah (spring rolls) party held for her. I ordered fresh po-piah wraps from a neighbourhood foodstall and also a container of factory-made pie-tee shells. I asked my mom to cook the fillings for the po-piah, while I helped with the preparation of ingredients.

The kids (and adults) definitely had fun wrapping our own po-piah with ingredients that we like. We can choose to add more of those ingredients we favoured. It was such a blast.

Of course, any party is not complete without a cake. This year, I chose to make a pralet. And I had to purposely make a trip to a baking supply store to get varlhorna chocolate and cocoa powder for it. But it a trip so worthwhile coz the chocolate made such a big difference! I followed the recipe from Jo meticulously, except that I made the cake into an 8in one. The recipe had looked complicated but when I was working on it, everything turned out well and the process was very smooth. Completed on the cake in no time. Beside making the cake bigger, I also reduced the amt of liquor to half, as kids will be eating. But then, the kids still did not take too well to the liquor, so I guess half the amount of liquor is still too strong for them. :P

Here are some pics.....
The fillings for the po-piah.Greens for the po-piah.Other ingredients.... hard boiled eggs, ground peanuts and chinese sausage.Alternative for po-piah... pie-tee.Also made almond jelly.... after meal dessert.Another shot of the cake
Innard shot of the cake, pardon the image quality.. taken with the iphone with low lighting condition.


Advertorial : Lushae Jewelry Earrings

One day I was going thru' my emails when I saw an email titled "Weird Request". Usually when I see emails with such headers, my 1st instinct will be that it's spam mail, those which claimed that I had struck lottery or that there's some inheritance which I can lay my hands on... in short, con-mails. :P However, curiosity got the better of me, I opened the mail to read... Turned out that Sarah of Lushae Jewelry had offered me a free item on her site. I went into to take a look and I was happy to see that there are designs that interest me. So I replied to Sarah that I'll be glad to take up her offer.

Initially I was looking at rings on the site but upon printing the size chart, I realised that it was not too accurate. I did not want to risk ordering the wrong size, coz it meant either I have to give it away or return it for another size. So after much contemplation, I decided to choose earrings instead. Finally settled on this pair....

The whole ordering process was such a breeze and all I needed to do next was wait for the earrings to arrive.

The wait was very short, all it took was about 7 days! I eagerly opened the box, to discover such a pretty and petite looking pair of earrings.... *Happy* But I have to say that the pieces are priced on the higher end. And the material being sterling silver, it felt really light. I had preferred my earrings to be heavier. However, this pair of earrings is great as a gift for teens and gfs!

Thanks Sarah, for the wonderful offer!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hub's birthday cake

As some of you may know, March is kinda a b'day mth for my family. 3 of us celebrate our b'days in the same month.
This is what I did for dear husband... a moist chocolate sponge cake with peanut praline cheese topping.