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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another Chocolate Banana Cake - Alexis's 2nd Birthday.

Hey folks! I know it's been ages since I last updated my blog. Dun worry, I did not fall off the edge of the earth, just that I started working at a new workplace and the hours are longer compared to my last job altho the office now is located much nearer to home. However, logistically, it's still a long journey home as I need to switch buses. Anyway, as all new jobs go, it took me some time to settle down and adapt to it. Thus, some things were neglected along the way, this blog is one of them. :(

So being the warm, lazy Sunday afternoon like today, I decided it's high time to update the blog.

So here it is, a cake that I baked and decorated for my dear niece, who turned 2. She has a soft spot for Barney, thus explained the huge Barney on the cake. :P I had initially thot of making a fondant figurine but since chocolate banana cake was requested, I decided i can try chocolate transfer instead. I made 3 of the same Barney as backups and all turned out well, so it was a matter of choosing which Barney looked best. The Birthday gal was more interested in eating the Barney than the cake! LOL
The cake was only 8in across but it was abt 10cm tall and weighed abt 2kgs! The words were fondant cutouts that were sweating bi-time in the humid weather.
Managed to capture a shot of the innard before it was all gone.