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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Christmas Baby of mine....

DS turns 7 today..... He's a great fan of cars and wheels, so I decided a car theme cake will be so apt. Turned the cake into a race track... in between, there's blueberry fillings.Side Note :Went to Phoon Huat to get the Redman Whipping Cream for this cake and turned out that it's totally soldout! So I got no choice but picked up the only brand left on the shelf.... and boy, it's such a disaster! The cream doesn't whip up nicely, and then it turned watery very very fast.... and then my cake started "weeping"! and this morning, when I took it out from the fridge to take some photos, liquid started dripping off the cake board! and then i noticed that even the colourings are fading!!!!! MY GOSH.... this is a real bad product....


Sunday, December 23, 2007


This is the 1st time I fiddled with royal icing.... it took me a long time to muster enuf courage to try this. Iwasn't sure of alot of things... but then again, I knew I just have to try it out soon. The chance came when I bot some x'mas cookie cutters. It's perfect for some icing!
Finally, I did some today.... mainly for a gift exchange tomorrow at work and also to give away to colls and friends. I had a great time decorating the cookies... and then kinda regretted that I did not try it sooner. it's really FUN!
However, my hands are not so steady, and so, the cookies are not well decorated. I hope my colls will be able to accept such amatuerishly decorated cookies.

I love the x'mas trees... and the snowflakes are quite a challenge...LOL


Friday, December 21, 2007


Here's wishing everyone a Merry Christmas...

This logcake is a request from DH to share with his colleagues. The chocolate frosting is very rich and SINFULL! (special thanks to leelee for sharing the recipe for this frosting.)LOL.... Tho' I had a hard time frosting the cake 'coz the chocolate is very liquid. But the end results are really worth it. It's so beautiful!


Tuesday, December 18, 2007


It's been some time since I went blog-hopping. Been bz with my work, and trying to settle my new accomodation. So i was pleasantly surprised to see that i've been awarded by dear Ching! I came to know Ching thru' a baking forum. At that time, I had not started blogging... I was just a newbie at the forum and was (still is!) impressed by her blog and also her bakes... and dishes!

It's been a year since I started blogging and I've "met" many wonderful friends this way. It's really wonderful how strangers can come together as friends thru' the love of food/baking or just sharing the same views/thoughts on certain matters!

Christmas is just round the corner and this is the time of the year to give my thanks... Thank you to all my friends who had supported me thru' the year.

That said, I'll like to pass this award along to ....

Altho' I've known Elyn for only a year, it felt like i've known her for ages! and it's such a co-incidence that we're actually so "near" each other before we got to know each other!

Ning's mommy has been a regular visitor here, and for that, I THANK YOU.

HB has a very interesting blog. She's so into trying out different recipes, and generously sharing the good ones!



Wahaha.... finally rolled out my 1st logcake order! This is a blackforest logcake (with cherries as filling). I love how the cake looks, don't you?I simply adore the look on the santas... so cute! LOL

Details for ordering here.


Saturday, December 08, 2007

Life of elegance?

My 1st taste of osmanthus was many years ago when i dined at a chinese restuarant serving "zha-jiang mian". on the menu, there's a dessert which is tang-yuen (glutinuous balls with different fillings) cooked with a sweet syrup infused with osmanthus. I was really capivated then, the very elegant and refined fragrance of osmanthus..... but then, being the young and impressionable me at that time, all i did was become a regular customer of that joint, to enjoy the dessert. I never occured to me to replicate this dessert at home, maybe 'coz i wasn't that much into cooking then.

Many years later, I chanced upon this recipe of osmanthus cake shared generously by Jo, of Imperial Kitchen forum. I heard that osmanthus cake is a favourite of a particular dowager in the ancient times. I know for sure that i'll give this cake a try! However, seems to me that osmanthus is not easily found locally, until one goes "searching" for it at medical halls or places that sells china foodstuff.

I finally made some y'day, having found the exclusive osmanthus at a c'town shop.... the family dun seemed to appreciate the taste of osmanthus.... hm.... maybe their tastebuds is not as refined as the dowager, or mine! LOL..... anyway, i really love the cake... and i find that maybe the taste of the osmanthus is not strong enuf. would love to get my hands on the dried flowers, to enhance the taste even more!
I love the shape of this mold....

'Cuze me while I brew myself a nice pot of tea and enjoy my life of elegance!See the osmanthus flowers in the cake? so pretty.....