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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fruity Agar-agar

I actually made these agar-agar during the cny period! I had these images on my computer, but just did not have the time to edit them.

The agar-agar was made with apple juice, which explained the yellowish tinge. The kiddos got a pack each from their b'fasts from McDonalds and did not finish them.... so I took them and made agar-agar out of it. :) Thinking that it's apple juice, I did not add additional sugar to it. Well, turned out to be a wrong decision.... the agar-agar tasted sour! Thankfully, I topped them with some canned cocktail fruits, which sorta sweeten them up a little.


Monday, June 28, 2010

White chocolate strawberries cookies

Sorry for the long name of this cookie. Such a mouthful.

I bought a pack of dried strawberries, thinking that it would be able to impart fragrance and taste to cupcakes, but I was so wrong. Dried strawberries are nothing like the fresh one! It actually tasted like raisins! Much bigger in size tho'.

So in order to use it up somehow, I decided to incorporate those into my fav cookie recipe... I also added white chocolate chips to the dough....


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chantilly Cake

This cake was done for my father's b'day.

Before I got hold of this recipe, I had googled for chantilly cream and all I got was chantilly cream was whipped sweetened cream. So when I had a good look at this recipe, then I realised that it was totally different from the definition on the internet. I won't be disclosing the recipe, sorrie, as the instructor is still teaching this cake.

As I went about preparing the cream, I duno how I did it, but I overwhipped the non-diary cream! I wanted the cream to achieve soft peak but it never happened :P , disaster striked! The resulting cream was lumpy in appearance... but taste-wise, it's similar to what i had tried. Also I did not use rum as indicated, but replaced it with kirsh instead. I decorated the sides with white chocolate curls and kept the top simple with just piped words. It was a 3 layered sponge cake, with the same cream in between. Each layer was brushed with some kirsh too.


Monday, June 07, 2010

Green tea marbled madeleines

I made these as a variation from the yuzu madeleines recipe. These madeleines did not turn out as good.... I wonder if it's coz of the green tea powder.

Also, the green tea taste was not prominent enough. Maybe I have to add more to it. I used 1 tbsp and yet the taste was still not what I wanted.

The marbling was achieved by the addition of bamboo charcoal powder. As seen, not enough of the bamboo charcoal powder was added, it turned out like greyish instead of black.

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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Mother's Day bake

I better post this before it's Father's Day! LOLz. Been badly bitten by the lazy bug lately, which explained the sporadic postings. Here's what I did for Mother's Day. I opted for small little cakelets instead of a whole cake this year coz we dined out for the day and would not want to bring a cake along. Small cakelets, were enjoyed at home, before meals and the leftovers were finished in fairly short time. These cakelets were actually brownies, very moist and buttery. I topped them with some white chocolate and toasted whole almonds.